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The Cats

Cashew Caju has grown quite a bit. He is probably 5-6 months now. Super playful, curious and brave this lil’ guy. Naninha is the white cat you see very blurry in the background. She is 16 years old and she has CKD. Recently she caught a cold and her eyes are not looking the best, but she is getting better. She takes fluids to keep her body hydrated every single day. She’s my BFF since 98. Her son, Tobias Malaquias, passed away last January and I am still grieving. Loss of a belovedView full post »

Goodbye Summer

My blog is receiving a fresh makeup, it looks a bit messy here. Have some patience, will you? Thanks! These are the last images of Summer. My veggie garden in full swing. Images edited with Vsco film presets for Lightroom 5. Arugula flowers below… Brussels sprouts leaves… Lettuce flowers And the first signs of Fall…  Happy Fall everyone!View full post »

Today in the studio…

Details over my studio work table. The fern is still alive and that’s great! It seems that those roots are looking for soil outside the pot and by the way, I bought it at Anthropologie, my favorite shop, too bad we do not have it here in this tiny city and how lucky is my husband? I find it cute those haired roots escaping out like that. There is also a rose scented candle, Russian dolls, a quartz rock and a bird nest I found in the street. All rest on top of a piece of slab. ***** OsView full post »

Designing with Colors – Choosing a Color Pallete

Last week I received a nice piece of Nani Iro  japanese fabric purchased here. I love most of her floral designs specially the bold, busy ones.  This weekend I am finishing a few bags for the shop and from now on I will be designing my handbags using the colors from my favorite fabrics. I am also thinking sashiko embroidery for my designs. I used Photoshop to pick the main colors of the fabric creating a color palette, and since not all these colors are available in linen or hemp IView full post »

sewing room inspiration ideas

Around Here – The Sewing Room

Glimpses of my sewing room mess and some work in progress.View full post »

Our Tomatoes – The Veggie Garden

My oldest son picked a bunch of tomatoes another day in our garden and I really needed to document that moment. The light was gorgeous and the colors of these sweet tomatoes made me get my camera for some pics.View full post »


I have not used the macro lens for ages! It’s a Canon 60mm f/2.8 which I use with my Canon 7D. I thought to share some images I made last Friday. I like this lens a lot although it demands great light for handheld shots, even if it’s bright outside. You’ll notice the grain as I pumped ISO to 800 or so for the flower photo. I was picking raspberries in the backyard when I noticed this handsome guy looking at me! He was sunbathing on a raspberry leaf! Such strange creature! AndView full post »

boho leather tote bag

Handcrafted Leather Bags and Accessories made in the USA – The shop is open!

Excuse my absence. It was for a good cause! My shop has opened last week and it wasn’t an easy task to build everything from scratch. I am using Etsy as a venue and even though I don’t really love all the recent changes to the site, I will give it a shot. It might be a good thing for me as I am restarting this tiny business! Many of the items listed are remains from the defunct CONSUERE. Some of my friends did not understand why I closed it. I could come back with the same brandView full post »


Today is raining a lot and I love it, because rain is really scarce in this corner of the world. It’s monsoon season in Arizona. My home is dark and all is quiet. I’ve snapped some photos in my backyard last week. Summertime inspires me. The light is so beautiful late afternoon, it’s usually overcast and moody. I wish I could travel this Summer, not sure where though. Maybe I’d like to see England’s country side and its gorgeous farmlands, lonely beaches andView full post »

Cashew Caju

This is Cashew Caju, our new baby!View full post »


Peonies from my garden

Pretty flowers, hu? I am sewing like crazy lately and very soon I come back with new leather handbags to show you! Xoxo.View full post »

handcrafted leather bag

Work in Progress: Handcrafted Leather and Fabric Bags

I’ve been slowly creating some leather bags lately. I plan to open a little shop by the end of July if I have enough inventory. When I talk like this I feel defeated by the time I am not able to manage very well. I struggle to keep working in a productive way. A handbag that I start working on now may take more than one week to finish and that’s when I feel bad about it. I just don’t want to stop. Sometimes I wish for a very small and less cluttered house. Less is more, right?View full post »


I know…I am not a prolific blogger. I am helpless, what can I do? I don’t want to explain why I stayed away for 2 weeks. I just get very busy and distracted. I am a highly distracted person and if it’s warm outside, you won’t find me indoors for very long! It’s finally nice around here… school is over for the kids, and I’ve enjoyed working in our backyard. The veggie garden is ready and hopefully the tiny plants will survive and I will be able to makeView full post »

Friday Favorites

1- This DIY Instant Photo Transfers with Blender Pens, via Free People blog. There are other ways to image transferring, but this seems pretty easy if you have access to a laser printer. Inkjet prints won’t work. For inkjet prints, try this simple technique I found on You Tube. 2- This girl trades the most lovely parcels. Yes, it’s so nice to see that people still exchange mail. I feel like sending her something too! It reminds me of the good times I had some pen pals from all overView full post »

Glimpses from last week

If you are a mama, how was your Mother’s day? I spent Sunday working on our veggie garden with my husband. My mother’s day gift! He has finished the hardest part, digging up grass for the veggie garden. I spent a great time pulling out weeds and little aspen trees. Aspen trees are like weeds to me, a menace! Their root system spreads quickly and if we neglect this backyard for two years I bet we will have a bunch of little trees here and there, because they grow super fast too. IView full post »


Last year I started this little project: “selfies” every birthday. Let’s see how I physically change. I was thinking about writing “41 things about me”, but I can’t find much stuff about myself that are interesting, besides who cares if I have the 4 wisdom teeth intact, if I am left handed or if I sleep with my cat? Sounds too self-centered to me. A few photos taken yesterday for my 41st birthday should suffice.  View full post »

Notes on Social Media and {Online} Life

I wanted to blog earlier, but I’ve worked a lot in the backyard the past days. We called some guys to give us price to build a nice veggie garden and make a simple patio and they simply charged us $6k. Yep, you read it right! Some people work 40+ hours per week and make much less than that  a month. Go figure. And when I see “mamarazzis” charging $500 or less for 12+ hours of work giving all the high resolution photo files to their clients I feel sad. Really! We decided to doView full post »

Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms found in my neighborhood…I re edited these images in LightRoom 5. I am completely in love with it!View full post »