It feels like Fall. August greets us with chilly mornings, crisp air and wet evenings. Summers always go too fast. The boys start school this week and let me tell you…they might not be ready, but I am! I am crazy for some quietude here and I really hope this will be a good school year for my oldest son.

We’ve stayed at home all this time and I think this has been the most boring Summer ever for the kids. There’s no much to do in this tiny town. Every year we have the same events, same people, same weather. I personally don’t mind as I keep myself busy in the home. I am always up to something. Cleaning, cooking, sewing…thinking. I’ve been thinking what’s next for me and my humble work.

My shop is 25 days old and it had 3 sales so far. It’s great. I wasn’t expecting that, because people always say it takes sometime to build up visibility on Etsy. It’s all right. Wow, 3 sales! Thanks for those who appreciate handcrafted works. I am happy and grateful.

I think it’s time for a bit of organization and planning. I have decided that most handbags must be made to order only, so that I can save time and money. This week I am reviewing some patterns and current materials. A batch of waxed canvas will arrive soon as well as some small hardware and hemp textiles. Oh, I love the texture of natural hemp canvas as you can see below, it’s strong and it gives this bag a rustic style…it’s a keeper!

clutch with strap

leather cross body clutch with strap

This is leather and Liberty of London floral fabric cross body clutch with removable strap is in the shop now!

I have not used the macro lens for ages! It’s a Canon 60mm f/2.8 which I use with my Canon 7D. I thought to share some images I made last Friday. I like this lens a lot although it demands great light for handheld shots, even if it’s bright outside. You’ll notice the grain as I pumped ISO to 800 or so for the flower photo.

I was picking raspberries in the backyard when I noticed this handsome guy looking at me! He was sunbathing on a raspberry leaf! Such strange creature!

And Cashew Caju grows exploring our home…

We are totally in love with him!