Beauty of Fall

Fall is here! Nature is a colorful canvas and I enjoy this Season very much. Another day I wentView full post »

The Cats

Cashew Caju has grown quite a bit. He is probably 5-6 months now. Super playful, curious and braveView full post »

Goodbye Summer

My blog is receiving a fresh makeup, it looks a bit messy here. Have some patience, will you?View full post »

Today in the studio…

Details over my studio work table. The fern is still alive and that’s great! It seems thatView full post »

Designing with Colors – Choosing a Color Pallete

Last week I received a nice piece of Nani Iro  japanese fabric purchased here. I loveView full post »

sewing room inspiration ideas

Around Here – The Sewing Room

Glimpses of my sewing room mess and some work in progress.View full post »

Our Tomatoes – The Veggie Garden

My oldest son picked a bunch of tomatoes another day in our garden and I really needed to documentView full post »


I have not used the macro lens for ages! It’s a Canon 60mm f/2.8 which I use with my CanonView full post »

boho leather tote bag

Handcrafted Leather Bags and Accessories made in the USA – The shop is open!

Excuse my absence. It was for a good cause! My shop has opened last week and it wasn’t anView full post »


Today is raining a lot and I love it, because rain is really scarce in this corner of the world.View full post »

Cashew Caju

This is Cashew Caju, our new baby!View full post »


Peonies from my garden

Pretty flowers, hu? I am sewing like crazy lately and very soon I come back with new leatherView full post »

handcrafted leather bag

Work in Progress: Handcrafted Leather and Fabric Bags

I’ve been slowly creating some leather bags lately. I plan to open a little shop by the endView full post »


I know…I am not a prolific blogger. I am helpless, what can I do? I don’t want toView full post »

Friday Favorites

1- This DIY Instant Photo Transfers with Blender Pens, via Free People blog. There are other waysView full post »

Glimpses from last week

If you are a mama, how was your Mother’s day? I spent Sunday working on our veggieView full post »


Last year I started this little project: “selfies” every birthday. Let’s see howView full post »

Notes on Social Media and {Online} Life

I wanted to blog earlier, but I’ve worked a lot in the backyard the past days. We called someView full post »