I’ve been slowly creating some leather bags lately. I plan to open a little shop by the end of July if I have enough inventory. When I talk like this I feel defeated by the time I am not able to manage very well. I struggle to keep working in a productive way. A handbag that I start working on now may take more than one week to finish and that’s when I feel bad about it. I just don’t want to stop. Sometimes I wish for a very small and less cluttered house. Less is more, right? While I write this post I know I have a pile of laundry to go through…Oh shit, I don’t think I was born to be a homemaker! Ha! I did it. I confessed it!

I’ve been using Liberty of London fabrics combined with leather. The small bag below I made with red deerskin purchased locally. This leather is butter soft and gorgeous. It features an antique brass removable chain strap and turn lock.

handcrafted leather bag

Sometimes I wonder what is the style of my bags. What do you think? Can you tell?

handcrafted leather bag
These are leather tote bags featuring pleated fabric tops and decorated with natural cotton lace. The leather straps have been stitched by hand and machine.

handcrafted leather tote

handcrafted leather totes

I hope to finish these bags tonight and I can’t wait to start something new!


I know…I am not a prolific blogger. I am helpless, what can I do? I don’t want to explain why I stayed away for 2 weeks. I just get very busy and distracted. I am a highly distracted person and if it’s warm outside, you won’t find me indoors for very long!

It’s finally nice around here… school is over for the kids, and I’ve enjoyed working in our backyard. The veggie garden is ready and hopefully the tiny plants will survive and I will be able to make great meals for my family this Summer using what I planted.

veggie garden

A “White Masterwort” I found at the local nursery yesterday…

Basil…I love it with eggplant and fried tofu…

basil leaves

Next post I will show you the leather handbags I’ve been working on lately.

friday favorites diy crafts inspiration

1- This DIY Instant Photo Transfers with Blender Pens, via Free People blog. There are other ways to image transferring, but this seems pretty easy if you have access to a laser printer. Inkjet prints won’t work. For inkjet prints, try this simple technique I found on You Tube.

2- This girl trades the most lovely parcels. Yes, it’s so nice to see that people still exchange mail. I feel like sending her something too! It reminds me of the good times I had some pen pals from all over the world. I miss that!

3- Textile art by Mandy Patullo , I loved her delicate work.

4- Are you kidding? Edible succulents? They are actually cupcakes! When I found this recipe on Pinterest I thought they were real succulents. Oh, her entire blog is eye candy…literally!

5- I used to keep journals when I was a teen and lately I feel like using one hour or two per week to do it again. I hear that is a good way to heal, grow and express yourself. Sometimes we don’t feel like talking to other people about our deep feelings and emotions. Sometimes, the journal is our best friend. Image source.

Enjoy your weekend!

veggie garden work in progress

If you are a mama, how was your Mother’s day? I spent Sunday working on our veggie garden with my husband. My mother’s day gift! He has finished the hardest part, digging up grass for the veggie garden. I spent a great time pulling out weeds and little aspen trees. Aspen trees are like weeds to me, a menace! Their root system spreads quickly and if we neglect this backyard for two years I bet we will have a bunch of little trees here and there, because they grow super fast too. I like Aspens, specially during Fall but I don’t appreciate them taking over my veggie garden!

We’ve collected a few nice books over the years as shown on the photo. One of them is “Back to Basis” and it’s about old-fashioned craftsmanship and old-fashioned food. I found this book at Barnes & Noble last year and it caught my attention because self-reliance is valuable. We rely on technology too much and if one day this modern society collapses as we believe it might, whoever knows these basics will survive. This book gives you only this: the basics. Good ideas, good starter. I am not planning living off the grid and building our log cabin, but there is good info on gardening, canning, crafts and raising animals. Sometimes I think I need to teach some traditional skills to my kids.  I don’t know if this generation of teens can even sew a button. It seems much easier to throw that shirt away and shop for a new one.

My backyard is far from being a homestead, but my plan is to grow more veggies despite the harsh weather… It’s dry, windy and cold until June 15th, and we have about 100 days to grow our veggies. Anyway, it’s fun and rewarding. I enjoy gardening.


Another good book I found  last week: “Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains“.The first chapter is surprisingly educational, not something we usually find in “gardening books”. The author talks about how our industrial agricultural system is dependent on fossil fuels, the decline of natural resources, Permaculture, etc… If you live in the Southwest mountains and enjoy gardening you may find this book very useful.